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We Help Guys In Leicester Get Bigger, Stronger & Fitter...

We Give You A World Class Gym + A Personalised Training/Nutrition Guide. You Simply Show Up And Get Jacked...

3 Simple Steps To Getting Started.

1. Simply have a look over our membership prices and decide which works out best for you.

2. Follow the on screen instructions and enter all of your personal details. Once complete, check your emails to make sure you have the verification email which confirms you are now a member.

3. Make your way into our awesome 15,000 sq ft gym so we can set you up with an entry thumb print. From here on in you'll get access to our nutrition guides, training programs, as well as having our awesome community of members on hand to help with anything you need.

Why Is The Warehouse Gym Different?...

To start with, we are the only double awarding winning, and 5 x finalist gym in Leicestershire.

We are a no BS gym who pride ourselves on offering the biggest selection of equipment in Leicesteshire. With over 100 pin and plate loaded machines in our 15,000 sq ft facility, coming from some of the top manufacturers in the world such as Watsons, Hammer Strength, Life Fitness and Precor it's impossible to join here and not see huge progress. And if you do manage to find a machine that we don't have yet, just let us know and we'll get it. Oh and by the way, there's no joining fee when you become a member.

Definitely the best gym in Leicester by far. Range of kit is unbelievable and always an alternative when necessary. Music is always class and the atmosphere is exactly what you look for in a gym. I only went in for a one-off session to try and ended up getting a Direct Debit the next day!

- Matt Newman, Leicester

"By far the best gym I have ever trained in. More than enough machines and free weights to go around and the staff are on point. The people that go are wicked and always down to let you jump in between sets as well as share the racks. I went to another gym and somebody nicked my chalk. On the other hand, I accidentally forgot my belt here after I had a deadlift day and somebody was nice and decent enough to hand it in. Says a lot about the staff and people because I went in 2 days later safe and sound. Honestly can't say a bad thing about the place!"

- Ismael Adam, Leicester

"I wouldn't train anywhere else except TWG...by far the best gym in Leicester for lifting, strength, conditioning, and functional training. The staff and clients are friendly and without judgement - you are encouraged and supported no matter what your goal is or what your starting point is. No shortage of equipment or space even at its busiest. Beast mode is fully on when you enter TWG."

- Neema Mistry, Leicester

Best gym in Leicester hands down. I’ve trained at lot of gyms over the UK too and this is up there with the best in the country. A really wide range of equipment for bodybuilders or people just looking to get in shape, not to mention the more specialist equipment for powerlifting and strongman. Taking my training to the next level - Thank you TWG!

- Daniel Greenham, Leicester

The best gym in Leicester by a country mile. Iv trained at a lot of gyms, and it goes without saying my training sessions here are next level. The place is huge, the leg area alone is about the size of most gyms free weights areas. The place is loaded with a range of resistance machines, plate loaded machines, free weights area and a strongman outside area. The different variations of machines is insane. Hitting muscles from different angles you’ll never probably have felt before. There are adequate amount of plates, unlike almost every other gym. So you can spend your session actually training and not hunting around fighting/waiting for plates!

Theirs tyres, sledge hammers, battle ropes, you name it, it’ll be their. The musics loud and motivating, the staff are welcoming and friendly and it has a fully loaded reception with stuff to fuel your workouts pre and post.

Basically it’s sick, train at Warehouse and your taking your training to a whole new level.

-Craig Wright, Leicester

Was a bit wary when I signed up due to the size of the place, the old school equipment and due to me being built like a garden rake, but was soon put at ease by the fantastic staff. Been here a year or so now and I honestly wouldn’t train anywhere else. Always walk in to a friendly face behind the counter, always a brilliant atmosphere in there, equipments looked after, weights not left everywhere and most of all there’s a genuine feeling of mutual respect between members whether you are a beginner or well and truly advanced. Met some real decent ppl through this gym, that I can’t imagine I’d have met at another gym 🙏🏼🤙🏾

- James Taylor, Leicester

Definitely the best in Leicester. Old school iron weights, top range bars and loads of space to train, no one leaving the weights out all over the place is a bonus plus the price is well worth it.

- B Fris, Leicester

Hands down the best gym in or around Leicester. So much space considering how many machines and free weighted areas are available.

Not to mention the staff is always friendly and there to help. Speaking of, If you're unsure about something, everyone that's there to work out will help.

Motivating environment and atmosphere, really makes you want to work out and push yourself.

- Chirag Bundiya Leicester

Amazing gym, whether you're looking for strength power or anything fitness goal oriented you'll find almost all equipment is for the sport you train for, one of the best gyms I've ever been too, amazing customer service, staff are great to get on with, and overall friendly atmosphere for both men and women.

- Faizaan & Raabiya, Leicester

You can see all of the originals and 100's of more reviews over on Google by clicking here....

Why Should I Join The Warehouse Gym?...

I mean there's a few things that will happen if you don't join up. You'll probably continue to waste half of your gym sessions waiting around for kit because your current gym doesn't have enough, or maybe you've been at the same gym for a while now and you're not seeing any decent progress, (huge red flag here that your current gym isn't helping you enough), or are you fed up of paying your gym membership to never see your current gym re-invest your money into new equipment? And by joining The Warehouse Gym, none of those points will ever be an issue. 

  • You'll never need to wait for kit as we have 2-3 of nearly every machine...
  • We help all members with nutrition and training plans so you that you maximise progress... 
  • We re-invest all of your money every 18 months or so with a refurbishment so you can see exactly where your membership money goes...

Sounds cool right? But how much is it...

For less that £1.20 per day you can train at Leicesters only double award winning gym..... I mean £1.20 equates to about 3 freddos now that he's gone and got a mortgage........ 

6 month minimum contract

£39.00 /mo

  • Unlimited access to the gym
  • No booking system required
  • FREE training program included
  • FREE nutrition plan included
  • FREE battle plan tracker included 
  • 6 month contract & then drops to rolling monthly
  • Cannot be cancelled during first 6 months
  • 6 monthly payments required
3 month minimum contract

£44.00 /mo

  • Unlimited access to the gym
  • No booking system required
  • FREE training program included
  • FREE nutrition plan included
  • FREE battle plan tracker includes
  • 3 month contract & then drops to rolling monthly 
  • Cannot be cancelled during first 3 months
  • 3 monthly payments required
University I.D & Blue Light Card Holders

£33.00 /mo

  • Unlimited access to the gym
  • No booking system required
  • FREE training program included
  • FREE nutrition plan included
  • FREE battle plan tracker includes
  • Can be cancelled at anytime
  • Only official university and blue light cards accepted
  • Any other forms of I.D will be refused
  • Valid I.D must be shown at point of sign up.  

Opening Hours & How To Find Us

Monday - 06:00 - 21:30

Tuesday - 06:00 - 21:30

Wednesday - 06:00 - 21:30

Thursday - 06:00 - 21:30

Friday - 06:00 - 21:30

Saturday - 09:00 - 17:00

Sunday - 10:00 - 16:00

Bank Holidays - 10:00 - 16:00

(0116) 2464636

Frequently Asked Questions...

Do You Do Single Sessions At The Warehouse Gym?

Yes. We have now opened up single sessions for non-members but on Sundays only. Any other day of the week you will be refused entry. Single session Sunday sessions are £10 per person. 

Do Females Train At The Warehouse Gym?

Of course. We have lots of female members who use our facilty. From ladies just wanting to get in shape and feel better, to ladies who take it more serious and compete. The Warehouse Gym really is a gym for everyone.


I Haven't Been To The Gym In Years, Is This Gym Suitable For Me?

100%. We have men and women from all walks of life training in the gym. We have some clients who are well into their 50's whilst at the same time as having 17 year old clients. This gym really is for everyone no matter what your end goal is. We provide you with a training and nutrition guide so that from your very first session we know you are doing the right things to get the best possible results. 


Do You Have On Site Car Parking?

Yes. We have car parking on site for up to 25 cars inside our main car park. There are also no yellow line zones on Lunsford Road where you can park with no worries. Please avoid parking on double yellow lines outside the gym, trafic wardens regulary patrol outside our gym issuing tickets.  

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