COVID19 & New Rules For The Gym...

So we've been through a really strange time over the past 4-5 months with COVID19. To that end we have a few rules that will help the gym get back up and running as normal as possible, as quick as possible. If members do not follow the rules, stricter rules will be enforced. Worst case scenario, if members do not follow the new rules the gym may have to shut until we figure out alternative ways. 

  1. 1
    Entry/Exit - The gym will now run a 1-way entrance and 1-way exit system. The main entrance will now only be for entry into the gym, the fire exit at the end of the astroturf next to the dip bars/dumbbells will now be the only exit for the gym.
  2. 2
    Toilets - Try to avoid using the gyms toilets where possible. This is to simply reduce the amount of people using the toilets but also to limit the potential transmission of COVID19. Try to use your home toilet before coming to the gym.
  3. 3
    Drinking Water - Try to avoid filling your water bottle up at the drinking taps. Again this is to simply reduce the amount of people using the drinking taps, but also to limit the potential transmission of COVID19. Please try to bring your own water bottle from home or we have drinks for sale at reception. 
  4. 4
    Sanitising Hands - Just as you did pre COVID19 lockdown, please continue to sanitise your hands as you enter and exit the gym.
  5. 5
    Wiping Kit Down -  Please wipe kit down before use ONLY, not after. The following person will wipe down before they start their set. 
  6. 6
    Training Times -  We are fully aware that not all people can move their training times. However, we encourage people who usually train 17:30-20:30 to try and avoid this time where possible. If we deem that peak times are getting too busy we will operate a 1 in, 1 out system. Members will then be required to queue outside the front entrance until a sufficient amount of members leave.
  7. 7
    Single Sessions -  We will no longer offer single sessions as an option to use the gym. We are now a members only gym. The only way you can train here at The Warehouse Gym is if you are a full direct debit member, or you have a cash yearly membership. Please do not come to the gym for a single session. Entry will be refused. In line with our new members only policy, we are no longer accepting Hussle, Pay As You go Gym or any other third party app that allows access to the gym.
  8. 8
    Booking Training Sessions - Due to the size of our gym we will not be running a booking system to train. This means you can come and train for as long as you need without the need to book a slot. However, we do encourage members to try and stick to 90 minutes per training session. Please do not abuse this and do the right thing as your actions may result in us needing the gym to move to a booking system, which will then make going to the gym a chore with the constant need to book sessions.
  9. 9
     COVID19 Symptoms -  If you have any COVID19 symptoms please do not train. Please do not be selfish and ruin it for other gym members. If you or anyone in your household feels even minor symptoms please do not come to the gym. If we have members who test postive for COVID19 we may need to shut the gym again, so please play your part. Do not try and sweat out, or train off any COVID19 like symptoms.
  10. 10
     Payments for drinks/supplements -  To try and limit person to person contact between our staff and 100s of members money daily, we are encouraging people to use our tab system to pay for drinks/supplements. You can top up your tab with a cash payment with an amount of your choice, from here on in you can order drinks at reception and we will simply deduct the amount from your tab, there is no longer a need to carry cash inside the gym. For the first 14 days of opening members who top up their tab will recieve £5 FREE for each £20 your tab is topped up with. 
  11. 11
    Respecting other peoples personal space - Some people are more nervous about returning to the gym than others. We all have different views on COVID19 and that's perfectly fine, but please respect other members personal space. Please do not be congregate in groups, and please allow other members enough space when they are on equipment. If you wish to have a spot please make sure your spotter is ok with this, if someone says they do not want to spot you, please respect thier wishes. Anyone who is found to be abusing other members for their decision not to spot you, will recieve a permenent lifetime ban.
  12. 12
    Personal Hygiene -  All members must remember that other people are training at the same time as you. Please look after your persoanl hygiene for yourself, but also for other gym members. Other members do not want to smell you as they are training. Just be a good human and keep your personal hygiene up. 
  13. 13
    Changing Rooms - The changing rooms will still be open as normal. However, we are asking members to come to the gym already changed into gym clothing and to only use our changing rooms as a worst case. If too many members are using the changing area we may need to simply stop members using it and close it off.
  14. 14
    Joining The Gym - We will no longer be signing members up via paperwork inside the gym. Any clients who are wanting to join up are in the first case are directed to our website where you can sign up electronically. If you wish to visit the gym and have a look around before joining that is completly fine. You can come and have a look around the gym in person and sign up via our Ipads which are located at reception. 
  15. 15
    Personal Belongings-  We are asking all members to limit the amount of personal possesions you have with you whilst training. Please try to avoid carrying bags, coats etc around the gym. Please try to come to come to the gym with as few possesions as possible.
  16. 16
    Abusing Gym Equipment -  Now that we are a members only gym we have much more control over how people treat kit. Anyone found to be abusing kit will have 1 warning and then it will be a permanent ban on the 2nd occasion, this includes leaving plates on kit and/or leaning plates against kit. We are trying to make the best possible gym for you to train in, if people are abusing kit we cannot do that. If you see other members abusing kit please ask them not to, or come and let reception know and we will handle it. This is to make sure all gym members have access to all the best kit and so equipment isn't left out of order whilst we are trying to repair it. On a regular basis pay £400-500 per month on repairing kit, this money could be spent on new kit for the gym. Please respect the kit and in return we will buy you more equipment. 
  17. 17
    Cash Monthly/Yearly Membership Extending - During this hard time some cash yearly members have asked not to have their membership extended for the period we have been closed so that they can support the gym. However, we are sure there are lots of members who do wish to be re-imbursed for the months they have lost out on, and this is totally fine. All we are asking is for you to use our contact form at the bottom of our main website homepage and select Membership Extension - Covid as the topic. (or click here and it'll take you right to that page.) Then in the message box simply state "please can my cash membership be extended for the duration of the lockdown". We are doing it this way as not to cause an embarresment at reception if members do wish to get thier membership extended but feel uneasy asking face to face. You are entitled to be re-imbursed for the months you have not been able to use the facility so please just let us know and we'll get this sorted for you. If you do not wish to be re-imbursed there is no need for you to do anything. 
  18. 18
    Returning To The Gym -  Many clients will feel differently about COVID19 and we understand that you may be nervous about returning to the gym. If you are completley happy with returning to the gym then come on in as normal once we re-open. If you want to train but are a little nervous about training inside, you have the option of coming and using our outdoor gym. We have moved more equipment outside to help with this so there is now enough equipment out side for you to get your full workout in. And finally if you are still really nervous about returning, and/or you live in a multi generational house we suggest a better option may be to stay away from the gym until your anxiety levels have reduced and/or older members of your household are happy for you to be at the gym. We have made the gym as safe as we can be, however there is of course still a risk, just as there is in the supermarket, or retails clothing stores. We cannot remove all risks associated with COVID19. However, we have tried our best to sanitise and keep all areas as clean as possible.
  19. 19
    Group Training - Due to COVID19 we are asking that there is no more than 2 people training in any one group at any one time. If you are found to be training in groups of more than two you will be asked to leave and membership refunded.  

Please note: We are now running a 1 warning, then permanent ban and refund on your membership on all gym rules, this includes leaving plates on eqpt and or leaning plates agaisnt kit. Please follow the rules.